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The ultimate jewelry making party


  • A minimum of 5 people can be booked.

  • In the event there are fewer number of people than the minimum required, than minimum number of people (5) will be charged. Extra supplies are prepared should you have additional unexpected quests and additional charge per person will apply to the total amount.

  • No deposit is required. Accepted method os payment - cash, online bank money transfer and credit card (for credit card- 2.75-3.5% fee will apply on the total amount).

  • At least one adult is required to be present at all times during the jewelry making party.

  • The party will require a table and chairs to accommodate all the participants and the instructor.

  • The instructor will arrive about 15 minutes before the agreed time in order to set up for the party.

  • The duration of each party is specific to the quests participation. Estimate time frame is between 60-80 minutes.

  • The food and drinks has to be kept away from the table so that the beads and tools are kept clean.

  • Punctuality is important. Should there be unforseen problem from Beading Bash, you will be contacted immediately.

  • Should there be delay on your behalf, 15 minutes courtesy wait will be provided at no additional charge, provided it does not conflict with other engagements.


Beading Bash

Beading Bash